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Current Issue

2015 Volume XXII, No. 1 (Spring)

  • America's Educational Crisis—A Christian Response
    by Dr. R. Albert Mohler Jr., The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
  • The Legacy of G.K. Chesterton and Dorothy Sayers
    by Dr. Louis Markos, Houston Baptist University
  • Does the Bible Prohibit Revolution?
    by Thomas S. Kidd, Baylor University
  • Updating Edward's Teaching on Heavenly Rewards
    by Matt Perman
  • Regaining Integrity: A Christian Worldview and Public Live
    by David K. Naugle, Dallas Baptist University
  • Avoiding Liberal Arts Snobbery in Myself
    by John Mark N. Reynolds, Houston Baptist University

2014 Volume XXI, No. 4 (Winter)

  • Classroom Practices for Cultivating the Affections 
         by Jenny Rallens, The Ambrose School
  • ERB Analysis as a Tool for Teachers 
         by Rod Gilbert and Doreen Howell, Regents School of Austin
  • Seeing the Bigger Picture: Teaching Geography at the Pre-Polly Stage 
         by Angie Epps, Riverbend Academy
  • Boys and Classical Christian Education 
         by Matt Whitling, Logos School

2014 Volume XXI, No. 3 (Fall)

  • The Vision Hand-off 
         by Douglas Wilson, New Saint Andrews College
  • Why Does Beauty Matter? 
         by Gracy Olmstead, The American Conservative
  • Creating a Sticky School 
         by Leslie Collins, Covenant Academy
  • The Lost Tools of Memory 
         by Scott Welch, The River Academy

2014 Volume XXI, No. 2 (Summer)

  • Lectio Divina: Medieval Reading for the Modern Classroom
         by Sam Koenen, Petra Academy
  • Calvin at School
         by Douglas Wilson, New Saint Andrews College
  • The Study of Literary Analysis Via Latin Literature
         by Karen Moore, Grace Academy of Georgetown
  • Know What You Want Students to Learn and Ensure That They Learn It
         by Tom Spencer, ACCS
  • Bringing the Beauty of Physics Into Art
         by Steve Lewis and Heather Schwartz, Schaeffer Academy
  • Trinitarian Education: More Insights From Dorothy Sayers
         by Brad Almond, Providence Preparatory School

2014 Volume XXI, No. 1 (Spring)

  • Slaying the Zeitgeist: The Pilgrim's Regress and the Aims of Classical Education by Devin O’Donnell, Dominion Classical Christian Academy
  • Mentoring Faculty New To Classical Christian Schools by Katherine G. Schultz, Schaeffer Academy
  • The Young Carthaginian by Karen Moore, Grace Academy of Georgetown
  • A Review of Frank E. Gaebelein's Pattern of God's Truth by Sam Koenen, Petra Academy
  • Life is The Comedy by G. Tyler Fischer, Veritas Academy

2013 Volume XX, No. 4 (Winter)

  • Principles and Methods by Douglas Wilson, Christ Church
  • Plato on Rhetoric: The Gorgias and The Phaderus by Joshua Butcher, Trinitas Christian School
  • Augustine's City of God and the Breaking of the Pagan Mind, G. Tyler Fischer, Veritas Academy
  • A Quick Introduction to The Song of Roland by George Grant, Parish Presbyterian Church
  • Narrative in Mathematics and Natural Science by Ravi Jain, The Geneva School


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